Free Month Terms & Conditions

The Freemonth promotion will give you your first months of coffee order free (plus delivery fee of $7.50). There is a limit to one per customer.

The promotion will run until December 24th or until 150 customers have redeemed the discount. 

The discount will apply to only coffee beans or coffee capsule subscription products and not the Coffee Machine Subscription products.


Customer Limitations

Each customer has a limit of 2 bags of capsules or coffee (40 Capsules total or 1kg of coffee



If you choose to cancel subscription after the first delivery and before the third month you will be charged at FULL price for the first month order.

Example :

If you choose to receive 20 capsules of Corso Italia and 20 capsules of Crema Velluto for your initial free month delivery and then cancel on the second month you will be charged for the 20 Corso Italia capsules and 20 Crema Velluto Capsules $34. 


You can alter your subscription or change your blends and capsules after the first month has completed. 


Caffe Lombardi Roasters reserves the right to cancel the free subscription if the order is above the per customer limitations.