The Differences Between Different Coffee Bean Varieties

The Differences Between Different Coffee Bean Varieties

What is a Coffee Bean?

When you wish for a coffee bean filled with your favorite blend, it's going to be either in the form of a regular coffee bean or tea bag. Both of these products are widely used by consumers all over the world to make hot coffee beverages. These items are made available at specialty coffee shops, online, and even vending machines around grocery stores and other retail outlets. However, they are not something you can buy at the store which is unfortunate because they are so widely used.

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Best Coffee Beans 

The question remains, what are the best coffee beans to use in brewing your beverages? It seems like every single company out there has their own proprietary blends to offer. This leads people to have a rather difficult time finding the top rated products in their local area. However, there are some ways you can do this on your own to discover the best coffee beans. For instance, if you live in a rather small town, it may be hard to find the availability of certain single origins which are normally used to create that coffee blend.


Single Origin Coffee

Single origin coffees are the only ones that are truly loose and retain their natural flavor until they are brewed into a drink. These coffees originate from particular areas of the world, such as Columbia, Ethiopia, and Guatemala. For the most part, people prefer coffees grown in high elevations in high precipitation regions as this helps to preserve the flavor and aroma. Some of the best tasting single origins include: Rica Demerara, Colombianaco, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, and the Philippines Celebes. All of these coffees are able to produce an incredible variety in flavor which makes them very desirable for those that like to customize their brew.

Medium Roast Coffees

Next, we'll discuss medium roast coffees. The medium roast is somewhere between a full bodied espresso and a mild flavored coffee. Many coffee bean companies specialize in offering these medium roasts. Some of the most common medium roasts include: Colombia Supremo, Honduras Supremo, and the Dominican Republic Blue Mountain. All of these are able to provide a good amount of caffeine, although the Dominican Republic Blue Mountain is known for its assertive coffee bean flavors.

Dark Roasted Coffee Beans

Finally, we have a discussion about dark roasted coffee beans. Dark roasted coffees have a darker body which gives them a bolder taste and aroma. They are often roasted with additional accents to increase the richness. Some of the most common dark roasted coffees include: Madagascar Assam, Zimbabwean Kalahari, Tanzania Kalahari, and South African Chea. As one would expect, the price for these coffees goes higher as they become aged.

Cost of these Coffee Beans

We will now discuss the cost/price ratio of these three coffees. When comparing the prices of these three blends, it is important to remember that there can be a large price difference between a light roast and a dark roast. This price difference comes from the differences in flavor, body, aroma, and price between the different regions where the beans are grown. For example, in the high altitude of Colombia, beans may not have to be roasted as long to get the full bodied flavor of the Colombian style, which can drive the cost of these coffees up.

Blending of Coffees

Overall, the three major types of coffees include: district, single origin, and premium grade blends. Coffees are grouped based on whether they come from the same or similar area, what part of the world they are grown, and how they are processed. In addition, coffees can be grouped based on the level of processing they undergo. While some blends (including some premium blends) are completely unprocessed, other blends are processed differently.



The best coffee beans are sold at local retail shops and from direct mail services. You may also be able to buy them online, but you need to do your homework and buy from a trusted seller. Remember that the cheapest blends may be the least flavorful, so you should always buy a light roast if you are looking for a more mild flavor. For strong tasting blends, always opt for a dark roast.

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