Our Crema Velluto

Our Crema Velluto

Our Crema Velluto blend, the most popular blends amongst our subscribers and regular customers. We will cover the blend details and the ideal brew ratios for the blend and how it develops with different brew parameter adjustments.


The Blend

The blend that has really taken off consists of three different beans:

  • Brazil Natural from Mantiqueira Fazenda Monte Verde grown at approximately 900 – 1100 MASL.
  • Ethiopian Guji Hambela grown at approximately 1900 – 2100 MASL.
  • Colombian Popoyan Reserve grown at approximately 1700 – 1900 MASL.


 All three beans bring unique characteristics to the blend that can be unlocked adjusting the blend and ensuring there is consistent dosing procedures.


This blend is a medium roast and is ideal to drink after 5-6 days from roast to allow the Co2 to escape and not end up in your cup.

What you must remember when extracting coffee is ensuring:

  1. Consistent Dosing amounts.
  2. Correct level tamping.
  3. Correct temperatures.
  4. Target brew time of 25 – 32 seconds from engaging the shot.
  5. Weight of the beverage.

Consistency is EXTREMELY important to ensure that you are getting the same result and allows you to easily approach and incorrect shot and adjust certain parameters accordingly. For instance, if you are finding your shot time isn’t really within the ranges you ideally should be within make sure you are weighing every shot to ensure that specific factor is consistent. If your shot is increasing or degreasing by 1g it will make a dramatic difference to your shot time, profile and beverage weight.

For Crema Velluto you ideally want to be brewing at:

Grams In

Grams Out

Time Extraction

18 grams

38 grams

25 – 29 Seconds

23 grams

50 grams

27 – 32 Seconds


Now these aren’t the only ratios to use but is a great starting point. What we have found, and we want you to experiment with this also if you drop your dose in by just 1 gram and aim for a beverage weight of (36 grams and 46 grams) out respectively you will find an espresso shot that develops a more floral, chocolatey notes and becomes light on the mouth feel. If you then drop the degrees from the 94.5 to a 93 degree temperature you will then again find a complexity of flavours that will certainly leave you amazed with that big difference 1.5 degrees can make to an espresso shot.

Now we want you to go away use the graph below to measure your shots and document your flavours and jump bag on this blog and comment on what you experience from the adjustments and what was your ideal brew.

Grams In

Grams Out








































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