Our Corso Italia

Our Corso Italia

Corso Italia, by far our most popular blend in our capsules and closely behind our Crema Velluto blend. So, what makes this blend different to the others? The extra kick that it gives you in the espresso, the more traditional style espresso that you get from the coffee. This comes down to the premium Robusta from India also known as the Indian Kaapi Royale, a unique Robusta coffee that leaves an extraordinary chocolate note that will make you asking for more.

There generally seems to be a negative response when you mention “Robusta” in the coffee industry with some people and I think that may come down to consumers thinking that it is just a cheap second grade coffee, when in fact it isn’t. Robusta has its place and its necessity in blends in the industry. For us at Caffe Lombardi Roasters 10% of the Corso Italia blend contains the Robusta and this is essential for multiple reasons:

  1. Chocolate Notes: with our roast profile of medium on this coffee and this specific grade of Kaapi Royale it leaves a strong chocolate note in the coffee. It is more comparable to milk chocolate then white chocolate.
  2. Strength: Robusta’s contain more caffeine than the Arabica counter parts so in turn giving you a full bodied, Italian style espresso.
  3. Cuts through milk: in both capsules and bean form this blends Robusta allows you to have strength and no milked down flavour throughout all coffee types from Piccolo Lattes to your Lattes.

The graph below does very GENERALLY outline the different characteristics between an Arabic bean and a Robusta bean though I will go through the comparison in much more detail in a future blog.


Our Brew Recipes.

With the Corso Italia you are forgiven for going a little longer on the shot and we have found that this coffee does shine when you run a 27 - 32 second shot BUT you need to make sure that your dosing and prepping is perfect. As you are running a slightly longer shot you don't want issues such as channelling to occur. 



In  17.5g/22.5g 

Out 40g/50g


27 - 32 seconds

The reason for the two different brew ratios are for two different size basket sizes. The temperatures for brewing we see its peak at 93 - 94 degrees on this coffee.

Let us know what you think and what you have found when experimenting with the brews below.

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