How are our Capsules made?

Caffe Lombardi Roasters Nespresso compatible Bio-Degradable capsules

As capsules are becoming a more common form of coffee consumption, we at Caffe Lombardi Roasters are always looking at ways to improve the technology of our capsules from the material to how they are packaged and the oxygen barrier to ensure that the coffee you receive will be fresh.

So you may ask, how many capsules do Australians really consume every day? Well believe it or not as of November 2019 Australians on average were consuming about 3 million coffee pods every single day! Yes that's right 3 million capsules every single day. That works out to be just over 1 Billion capsules consumed just in Australia. It does sound like a very large number but remember a coffee capsule is very convenient and mess free so a consumer will tend to drink it more often. 

And it is quickly rising. It is estimated that the total global coffee consumption in both coffee beans and capsules is rising at approximately 3% every year.

As a lot of the capsules are produced from "responsibly sourced" aluminium but the underlying issue with capsules isn't how they are produced but how long they take to break down. On average an aluminium capsules takes about 100 years to completely break down. Yes they can be recycled but they need to be brought to specific recycling bins so that there is only aluminium capsules in that bin specifically. If the capsules are thrown in your normal recycle bin unfortunately being mixed in with various types of plastics and cardboards it renders the "recyclable" factor pointless. The alarming fact is that globally roughly 59 Billion pods were produced in 2018 and roughly 75% of those ended up in landfill.

That isn't good enough.

We at Caffe Lombardi Roasters opted to go with a compostable capsule, completely free of aluminium on every aspect of the capsule.

So you may ask what are they made of?

The coffee capsules are made from 100% bioplastic which is made from sugar cane and sugar beet. Our new and improved oxygen barrier is also completely free of non-biomaterials and aluminium. The capsules now come with a OK COMPOST AS4736 certification which is a certification that is approved by Australian standards. 

Biodegradable Coffee Pod Disintegration Cycle


The Biocap is certified by Climate Partners as CO2/climate neutral. Biocaps are produced using energy generated from wind, sun, hydropower and biogas. 

Later on this year we will be releasing a form of return bag for your used capsules where we will then collect them and dispose of them through our recycling partners ensuring they don't end up in landfill. It is a small step in the right direction but every little step counts and we want to make sure that our products aren't adding to the ever growing number of aluminium capsules ending up in landfill. 

Next time you chose to purchase capsules don't be one of the 1.7 million capsules that end up in landfill and take over 100 years to decompose choose the environment. 

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